How we produce our Olive Oil

Every year, at the end of October we start collecting the olives by hand, filling the 20 kgs boxes, so that at the end of the day we can take them to the mill in order to produce the olive oil always before the next 24 hours so that we can obtain the best quality from the extraction.

Naturally, our property is registered in the official organic production registry from the early 90's.

In this way, we produce organic olive oil to serve both our existent national and international clients who appreciate our manzanilla cacereña evoo.

Besides (and in order to agree to a non organic demand) we also produce an excelent conventional extra virgin olive oil.

Both in conventional and organic evoo, we apply different meassures:

› Only the best olives are selected
› Optimum harvest time
› Immediate transport from the tree to the mill in 20 kg boxes
› Cold extraction only
› Bottled in our own property
› Non filtered so we can take more flavours
› Quality control in every process.