Arca Gourmet is linked to the name of Mariano Sanz Pech, a cheese expert who is internationally acknowledged as a defender and promoter of the best traditional Spanish cheeses.

With Arca Gourmet you can access to the knowledge and disposal of the widest range of artisanal cheeses made in Spain, thanks to the updated information and contact we have with the best cheesemakers in all our country.

Feel free to contact us without obligation and we will offer you the required advice to get your commercial goals:

In the spanish market: we can provide you cheeses that are still unknown and very artisanal, hidden jewels that will surprise you. We help you to bring those products to the retail trade and the wholesalers.

To the export market: we have dedicated ourselves to exporting Spanish cheeses for over 20 years, mainly to European countries and to the United States. We are experts in preparing a range that meets the requirements of every importer, since we are conscious of the different needs within the foreign markets.