Arca Gourmet S.L. s a family business that manufactures and sells its ecological and conventional extra-virgin olive oil. We also advise and distribute artisanal Spanish cheeses in the export and home markets.

Arca Gourmet was created in 2002 with the aim to generate a “meeting point” for the selected agriculture products, with optimum quality, and put them at the Spanish retailers´ disposal and also at many enthusiastic foreign importers disposal, as they are searching these Spanish products which quality are differentiated. They are also wanting to find in our products the old concept of quality as synonymous of EXCELLENCE.

This company is linked to the owner's name Mariano Sanz Pech, an expert cheesemaker acknowledge as a defender and promoter of the best Spanish cheeses. He was also the promoter and president of the Organic Agriculture Ruling Council (CRAE) being appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2002 Arca Gourmet begins its adventure in the evoo world from Sierra de Gata where, in a beautiful place surounded by olive trees, oaks, cork oak trees, orange trees, etc... we combine the joy of nature with work in the mill.